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Should we put GEJ on trial?

By Tony Ogunlowo There are those out there who want ex- President Jonathan Goodluck put on trial for his mismanagement of the country when he was President. Whilst I’m not a big fan of his I don’t think this is a good idea. Traditionally, ex-Presidents in Nigeria, corrupt, dictatorial or inept, have enjoyed immunity from […]

Imo politics: The only choice available to our people for sustainable development

By Amaugo Ugoji Imo State, otherwise known as The Eastern Heartland, is peopled by men and women as you would find in any well-endowed clime worldwide. Over time, since after the initial period of its founding, in its quest to achieve developmental progress, it has regrettably found itself indeed retrogressing on account of extensive selfishness […]

Private school vs public school: The way forward

By Onyema Ejiofor In Nigeria today, there is no gain saying that the number of private schools is increasing by leaps and bounds. Regrettably, due to our poor record keeping and/or apparent neglect of statistics in our national development, our educational planners may not possibly state the number of private schools in the country today […]

Clark, the father Jonathan, the son

By Reuben Abati I have tried delaying the writing of this piece in the honest expectation that someone probably misquoted Chief E.K. when he reportedly publicly disowned former President Goodluck Jonathan. I had hoped that our dear father, E.K. Clark, would issue a counter-statement and say the usual things politicians say: “they quoted me out […]

The essence of Synods

By Sunny Ngwu Many, including some committed Anglicans, are not quite at home with the interpretation of the naming of the annual synods in the Anglican Church. For instance, the last Owerri Diocesan synod in 2014 was the 3rd Session of the 19th Synod, while the current one (2015) is the 1st Session of 20th […]

Nigeria at 55: What did the nation celebrate?

Nigeria, last Thursday, Oct. 1, celebrated 55 years of its independence from the British colonial masters. In its life as a nation, many things have transpired – the good, the bad and the ugly – among which is the 1966 military coup which eventually culminated in a bloody civil war that ended in January 1970.  […]

Towards revamping the health sector in Nigeria

By Macdonald Ogu In recent times so much has happened within the Nigerian political and economic landscapes. From the hullabaloos over elections to the slump in the prices of petroleum products and the attendant effects on the value of the naira, Nigerians have had so much to witness and so much more to discuss. However, […]

Winning Back “De-Nigerianized” Nigerians

By Jideofor Adibe This piece was inspired by a robust telephone conversation I had with someone who claimed to be an “avid reader of my column”. He was concerned that I might be “over flogging” the issue of nation building as the panacea to the country’s numerous challenges. We went toe-to-toe on what I consider […]

Joe Igbokwe: Enough is enough

By Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha   My attention has been drawn to an article written by my elder brother, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, which was published online by POINTBLANKNEWS.COM dated 25th August 2015, with the title, WANTED; MAXIMUM SECURITY FOR MR PRESIDENT AS CORRUPTION FIGHTS BACK (PLEASE GOOGLE). Joe Igbokwe is the Publicity Secretary of the ruling […]

Nigerian president or king of the North?

By Femi Fani-Kayode IN 418 BC Herodotus, the Greek phi­losopher, who is known as the “father of history,” said “a man who does not know anything about the events that took place before he or she was born will remain forever a child.” Not only was he right but one must go a step further […]